NeemCo is an independent, dynamic, Scottish company based on the shores of Loch Lomond. We are a strongly science-led company developing natural pest control products in a variety of sectors.

The common factors of our products are:

• targetted to ectoparasites, specifically biting and sucking insects

• highly effective

• safe for all except the pests

• show no resistance

• low bioaccumulation

• benign in the environment

• naturally-derived and organic

The highly experienced team at NeemCo are dedicated to the quantitative defined development of safe, effective and environmentally-friendly products based upon extracts from the Neem tree.

At NeemCo all products are firmly based on scientific research in collaboration with institutions such as the University of Stirling / MERL, University of Glasgow, University of the West of Scotland, University of Edinburgh, London School of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, and the Scottish Agricultural College.

We have significant understanding and experience of gaining, or working within the EU approval routes in various markets. Our active is approved for food use in many countries.

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