The neem tree produces an amazing range of complex terpenoid compounds, which have been characterized chemically over the last 50 years. In contrast, the biological effects of many of these identified compounds have not been thoroughly explored, although it can be assumed that their primary role is to protect the tree against insect attack. This ability to deter and kill arthropods has been used in Indian village culture since time immemorial to protect both crops and people.

The group of related compounds whose biological action has been very well studied for many years are the azadirachtinoids, of which azadirachtin (A) is the most abundant. They are particularly concentrated in the seed kernels, which are also rich in plant oil.

Traditional Indian medicine considers the extracts of the neem tree as panaceae for a very wide range of ills, but the products available in the UK are generally for external use only. They include:

  • A shampoo for soothing irritated scalp
  • An insect repellent highly effective against midges
  • An effective treatment for head-lice
  • Creams and oils to sooth inflamed skin troubled by eczema



Current products on market

NeemCo developed a range of products including a head lice treatment, insect repellent , neem oil and skin cream.


These are exclusively available through A. Vogel or via a local stockist.

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