By understanding neem’s exact mode of action, NeemCo has been able to develop effective and targeted products.

“Neem” is a very wide term that is applied to a variety of extracts from several types of tree. “Neem” is extracted from different parts of the tree using a variety of extraction methods. The method of extraction is key to ensuring that there is a consistent quantity of the active ingredient and the development of effective products.

The last, and critical part, of bringing a product to market is the ability to create the dossiers required to gain product approvals.

Thinking that “neem works” really is only 1% of the journey to a product.

More about NeemCo’s current product list:

Riddance® Aquaculture
Plant Protection Products (PPP)
Riddance® Ectoparasite Control for Animals
Tree Plantation
Human Health

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