Neem Pro Riddance® (also used for other NeemCo products) is a health maintenance insect control product derived from Neem plant oil for use against nuisance pests such as biting and egg laying flies and biting midge (Culicoides spp) vector of the Orthobunya virus (Schmallenberg).

Protection against biting insects for farm animals including:

• Sheep

• Cattle

• Goats

• Horses

• Domestic animals


Flocks of Sheep

Sheep can be sprayed using a standard 20 litre capacity knapsack sprayer, applying to legs, head and back. To obtain best results the animal must be thoroughly soaked.


Control of midges:

A single application is normally sufficient to control midges for up to 10 weeks. The first application should be carried out post shearing / tupping. In times of high strike risk, the application may be repeated at 5 week intervals.

The best time for applying Neem Pro Riddance® to sheep is 2-3 weeks after shearing, when the wool is around 2-3 cm long. For all stock apply Neem Pro Riddance® prior to peak insect activity and to risk animals prior to tupping/mating/service.

There is no withdrawal period for animals following application with Neem Pro Riddance®.


Resistance to Riddance®

Resistance is a significant issue with neurotoxin based pesticides, such as organophosphates, pyretheroids, and avermectins.
Neem extracts used as commercial biocides and plant protection products for almost 20 years in the USA and EU, and as yet, there have been no reports of signs of resistance in target organisms.

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